Maths – Same amount

This week in maths we are learning about recognising the same amount. We played a game called ’Greedy Goat’ and the one person who was the ’Greedy Goat’ had to take more than the rest of the players. At home see if your child can recognise when you have more, less and the same.

Subtraction problems

Today we pretended to be on a bus and found out how many people were left on the bus when people got off. Have a go at practical subtraction problems at home. Maybe you could use food or sweets and work out how many you have left if you eat some!

Innovating ‘Noisy Farm’

Today we talked about the story ’Noisy Farm’ trying to name the animals and think of the sounds they make. We then thought hard about alternative farm animals we could have in the story to make a new version. Please help your child to learn the names of farm animals.